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kemayu handwriting
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Kemayu Hand Lettering + Vector Bonus

byAlit Design
Original price was: $12.Current price is: $5.
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Product Detail

Kemayu font in the category of a script font that uses handwriting technique using artpen and digital experience to the process. Kemayu Font suitable for desing that have fun concept and not so serious. To write a paragraph using Kemayu font very nice looks, text remains legible even if using size 8 pt.

This font has two formats namely OTF ( Open Type ) and TTF (True Type) Besides getting regular character you also obtain italic and Bold character

For those of you who like to make or have a project with concept design fun and not so serious Kemayu font is suitable for your font collection. Besides you get the font you also get a bonus of hand drawing vector (can be seen in the last preview)

Thank you and enjoy


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