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Handrid Familia Typeface

byAlit Design
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Handrid Familia Typeface
Handrid Familia Typeface

Product Detail

Handrid Familia Typeface The Handrid Familia Typeface embodies the essence of a traditional Mexican family script, infused with the bold and intricate swashes typical of Mexican gangster art and tattoos. Its design reflects a rich cultural heritage, blending elegance with a rugged, street-smart aesthetic.


817 Glyphs: A comprehensive set of 817 glyphs provides extensive creative freedom, ensuring that every letter, number, and symbol is meticulously crafted to maintain visual harmony and thematic consistency.

Ligature: This typeface includes a variety of ligatures, allowing for seamless connections between characters. These ligatures enhance the script’s fluidity, making your text look more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Swash: Handrid Familia boasts a range of swashes, adding decorative flourishes to your text. These swashes give your designs a distinctive flair, reminiscent of classic tattoo artistry and vintage signage.

Unicode PUA: The font includes Unicode Private Use Area (PUA) support, making it easy to access all special characters and glyphs without the need for specialized software. This feature ensures compatibility and ease of use across various platforms.

Multilingual Support: With comprehensive multilingual support, Handrid Familia is designed to handle a wide array of languages. This makes it a versatile choice for projects with global reach.

OpenType Features: Fully compatible with all OpenType applications, the Handrid Familia Typeface offers advanced typographic capabilities. This ensures that you can take full advantage of its ligatures, swashes, and other stylistic elements in your design work.

Whether you’re creating a logo, tattoo design, signage, or any other creative project, the Handrid Familia Typeface provides the tools to infuse your work with a unique and culturally rich aesthetic.


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